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This series tracks the liminal time between child and teen through the study of the journey to secondary school. A time of necessary separation with the rapid acquisition of the accoutrements of independence; bus pass, uniform, phone.

Adolescents quickly acquire extensive knowledge of public transport systems in their bid for independence. I observe and admire his desire to be elsewhere and his burgeoning ability to get there.

The bus stop became symbolic; a transitional home, a shelter. A physical point between parent and the outside world, neither mine nor his.

In retrospect I can reflect upon this series with a cool artistic distance. At the time the photographs were made, my heart twists inside me. In my active imagination he carries his belongings in a spotted hanky on a cane, with only a hunk of bread and an apple for sustenance. 

I return to photography as a means of distilling time, attempting to satisfy a compulsive desire to overcome separation, in picturing territory that can never be revisited. 

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