I am a visual artist with a background in film, theatre, writing and directing.  Fascinated by human relationships, I consider the camera to be a conduit for connection. In love with storytelling in all its forms I seek out the epic in the everyday. Physical immersion is central to all my work, with a collaborative approach that offers a reciprocal journey of discovery.  I favour an iterative process - returning to the subject repeatedly over time to slowly build up a series of work. Confident in the subconscious leading the way, often photographing intuitively, with the editing process offering a space of reflection, making connections and discovering an overall intention and underlying narrative. 

My photographic work encompasses documentary, portraiture, landscape and the allegorical, working across celluloid and digital mediums, incorporating printed and projected images.

For print sales, commissions, collaborations contact:  ginakawecka@yahoo.co.uk