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I have always coveted the homes of others. 

The Bird family - a politically active Liverpudlian clan - have lived in the same house for 45 years. Having inherited the decor of the previous owners (and more concerned with the immediacy of life than home improvements) they now are moving and leaving this aged interior for the next inhabitants. This appealed immediately to my photographic sensibilities. 

I worked around them as their sifting and sorting was coming to a close. Long forgotten resonances of my own childhood unfurled as I encountered surfaces, textures and objects that were instantly and deeply familiar. 

A debate ensued round the issue of the kitchen door; dense layers of family history depicted through domestic and cultural stickers of the last 45 years. Acknowledging its significance, the family discuss the merits of taking the sticker door off its hinges or leaving it in situ.  

Birdhouse is a study of home, time and the meshing of ourselves with our physical environment. 

The door panel was crowbarred off and reinstated in their new home.

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